Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Hawo?" - Little S talks

Hawo? Howwayu?

I like talking on the phone. When the phone rings, I answer it. Sometimes Mommy doesn't know, but when the voice on the phone tells me to get Mommy, I do it! But when Mommy tries to talk the phone away from me, I get mad! I walk quick quick quick to get away! My feet carry me off faster and faster every day.

Brother likes to talk on the phone too. Sometimes he shares with me, and I share with him. I think it's what your supposed to do. We even let E Cat and H Cat talk on the phone, but they just meow and want to be pet.

Brother and me love the kitties, but Daddy and Mommy talked about finding them a new home because their fur made brother sick. I hope the kitties can stay. Maybe I can help keep the house clean so the kitties don't have to go away. Mommy and Daddy have to clean the house every night after Brother and I go to sleep so that everything is ready for us to mess up again in the morning.

I still wake Mommy up every night. But last night I got her up only one time! I am growing up so fast, and I am learning so many things every day. Today I showed Mommy a picture of Brother with Gong Gong and A-Bak, and I said to Mommy, "that's Gong Gong." Daddy says I'm pretty smart and cute.

Daddy is sick again today. Mommy has been sick too, but today she is feeling a little bit better. Brother was a the sickest for the longest time. He just stopped fevering and vomiting last Wednesday. But before that, he was sick for almost two weeks. Before that he was well enough to go to nursery school (where they think I'm cute too) for a week. Before that he was sick for a week. Poor Brother. I hope that he will be well now. I love playing with him. And lately he seems to have shown some interest in me too! A few days ago he tried putting my shoe on me so that we could go out.

Oh, I also love hats. I walk around talking and putting hats on. Then I go into the kitchen where Mommy is usually doing something, and I show her the hat that I put on.

Since last Monday, a nice energetic lady comes to our house from 9AM to 1PM. She comes and takes Brother downstairs to play. I hear her tell Brother to "blow a kiss" and "clap your hands" and many other things. When I hear her commands I do obey them! I know how to blow kisses and clap my hands. I'm learning new words every day too. Daddy just taught me "kaka" yesterday. I know I'm "dirty" and "gross", and I like eating "aca-does" (avocados).

I don't use a baby towel anymore. Mommy took a shower with me yesterday, and I peed three times on the floor before and after the shower. Mommy told Daddy she had no clue how I was able to pee so much. I like being naked and free to pee anywhere.

Hawo. Babai. (wave bye-bye)