Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Accommodating Little R's Diet

Little R, Little S and I went to visit my uncle's home. There, we met my uncle, my dad, my grandmother, my grandfather and my uncle's friend, Auntie H. It was their first time visiting that house, and although it was not their first time seeing all those strange faces, they were both somewhat frighten and apprehensive. But Little R got comfortable pretty soon after arriving.

My family shows care through making sure you eat something, but Little R was restricted to whatever Mommy had in her bag (very good-for-you and tasty food, but just not what other people ate). My family asked if it was okay to just give a "little bit" of bread to Little R or a "little bit" of cracker. My response was no, but I knew that they were just trying to make him happy.

Before leaving, Auntie H told me to take the children to see my parents more so that they would learn "more", and to take them out more often. The truth is, I take them out every day! I don't just sit in the house and be antisocial. When I go out with them walking on the streets, we say (and I encourage them to wave or say hi to neighbours - of course, when the time comes, we'll have to street proof the kids, but right we can say "hi") "hello" or "hi" to neighbours, cashiers, library workers, etc..

In any case, made me think about what could make visiting people easier. I mean how could I make it easier for the host. I just bring food for Little R usually, and just make sure he doesn't eat anything that he is not allowed. However, many hosts feel better if they are able to offer something to their guests.

Here are a few of lists that might help:

FORBIDDEN FOODS (even if they are just an ingredient)
-almonds (so, anything made from or that contains almond)
-coconut (non-hydrogenated coconut oil is okay)
-whole wheat
-most soy sauces
-all breads unless gluten-free, dairy-free soy-free, and egg-free
-dairy (any animal milk, not just cow)
-MSG (there is a link from a previous post that will list MSG's other names)
-artificial flavours, colours, preservatives

Semi-Forbidden Foods (he is allowed an item once every four days)
-rice (includes breads, pastas, quick breads - but rice syrup is okay on a non rice day)
-kidney bean
-Lima bean
-pinto bean
-string bean

ALLOWED FOODS/TREATS (that he likes)
-Vegan, gluten-free Gummi Bears
-Orgran animal cookies (on a rice day)
-Home-made fruit leathers
-Fruit (fresh, dried, fresh with a nut butter)
-strawberries (fresh)
-fresh raspberries
-dried apricots
-dried maple cranberries
-dragon eyes
-raw organic nuts and seeds (and their butters)
-macadamia nuts
-Brazil nuts
-pumpkin seeds (in a cracker, butter, bread or something that is in a bigger piece)
-sunflower seeds (in a cracker, butter, bread or something that is in a bigger piece)
-sesame seeds (")
-flax seeds (")
-chia seeds (")
Corn day
-nachos and Herdez salsa or salsa without garlic
-popcorn (plain or with hemp oil and pink salt)
Rice day
-white jasmine rice
-rice muffins or toast
-potatoes (not the sweet oranges ones, though)
-taro root
-maple syrup
-raw honey

Cleaning up and rotating Little R's diet has been quite a challenge. To further the difficulty, what I make him one day that he previously enjoyed, he may just walk away from. But, it has been getting less difficult with experience. I keep a record every day of what he eats, what he likes and how he behaves. Seeing things written down helps me plan for the days ahead.