Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi! Hi! Moimoi. I love shawbies (strawberries). I go and pick them when Mama is in the garden with her tomatoes. If Brother sees them, he will pick them too.

I am practising talking more and more every day. I read many many books, and I love Hop on Pop by Dr. Seus. When Brother is loud I tell him to "shh" with my finger on my lip. I am in control here. When Mama or Dadda tell me something I don't like, I cry loudly and lie on the floor. When I'm very upset, I go to my bed. Daddy took the sides of my crib apart, so now I have a big girl's bed that I can get on and off of without anybody's help.

I had a pretty good summer. Here's a few pictures of my doing things like riding a quad bike with Brother, sitting on rocks with Brother and Daniel, playing in the pool with Brother and sleeping like a movie star:

Sleeping after a day at the Farmers' Market

Sitting on the rocks with Daniel and Brother

Riding on a quad bike with Brother

Playing with Brother in the pool

I finally met Barney at Ontario Place

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