Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little S, the Little Parrot

As mentioned in a previous post, our family is now on a new diet called the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD). So far so good with the progress Little R is making. He's been crying a bit every day for not wanting to eat certain things we put in front of him, but we've noticed (and others have mentioned) an overall improvement in his listening, awareness of others and even in speech and language.

Having said that Little R is initiating a lot more communication. The last two days when he's had to go do #2, he's been closing the bathroom door to keep others out. In his privacy, he does his business. When I walked in and sat in front of him while he was on the toilet, he grabbed my fingers and tugged them as if telling me to leave. "Do you want me to leave?" He pulled my fingers and tugged them toward the door, "lea," he said. Wow! He told me to leave.

As well, last week during his pink eye days, I was drawing a picture of a house with clouds and then some flat "m"s in the air. "Boods," he said. "Yes! That's right, they are birds," I replied. He's been making quick progress lately, and I believe nutrition and environment have much to do with it. Of course we also need to give credit to his hard work!

Little S has been repeating things like crazy... in which ever language. As we were waiting to use the toilet at a gas station on the way from from Cornwall this weekend, a woman complained, "come on, guy." Now, I let this woman go ahead of us, and after she went into the washroom, Little S said "come on, guy." It was pretty funny. She's a little parrot that walks around and talks... except these last two days as she's been feeling quite poorly.

Some new independent sentences I've heard from her in the last week have been:
"I got the hiccups."
"No, you eat it!"
And a whole bunch of sentences in mixed languages like "cha face" "cha me". In this instance "cha" means to apply cream, oil, etc. to wherever.

Some phrases she's been saying for a while now:

"Dadda cookie."
"Mm, I like it!"
"Watch TV?"
"GaoGao shower."
"Moi moi turn."
"Ma Yi go seep."
"Come back!"

One thing is for certain, we really don't want to say anything that we don't want repeat!


  1. I have to say I am so glade for you guys that little R is making progress... it must be such a relief for you went he can communicate his wants wants with you. And you sound so proud of him as a good mother would be.

    We should try to get together one of these days.

    Lots of love from Toronto

  2. Yes, we are very proud of him! The director at his school said to us that as parents of specials needs child, we expect more from him than typical parents would from their typical children. That's so true. He has to work extra hard to do the things most people take granted such as greeting people, playing appropriately, nodding, saying yes or no, etc... The weather has been nice; maybe we could go to the park when we're in TO next.