Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little R and Little S wish lists

Happy Holiday Greetings, dear family and dear friends!

It's again that time of year when you see Christmas trees, reindeer (I saw a car dressed up as a reindeer already) and shoppers every where. In the midst of all this joyous chaos, remember to take the time to relax and be with yourself!

Many of you have asked what our little elves (Little S and Little R) would like for Christmas this year. Again with every year, we hope for wholesome health and happiness. We also wish this for all of you.

As for material gifts, they are not necessary, but we appreciate your thoughtfulness. So, here is a list that I've compiled for this year:

Little S:
  1. Dr. Seuss books ( you could ask me to email you a list of books she already has)
  2. Chinese, French and Spanish books
  3. Chinese abacus or Japanese Soroban
  4. musical instruments (already has small xylophone, maracas, sticks (ridged and straight), triangle, tambourine, recorder, harmonica, bells, and train whistle.
  5. Chinese, French and Spanish DVDs/music CDs.
  6. Signing Time videos Series TWO, vol. 9-13

Little R:

  1. Books with human photographs or drawn. Also photo books of animals, houses, insects, buildings, vehicles, food, etc. No books with batteries, please.
  2. Socks (currently size 1 boys/child shoes) and underwear (currently wears Joe Fresh size 8 - but he's growing fast!)
  3. Contribution toward his Son-rise fund ( or
  4. Therapy putty (or silly putty)
  5. Wide slippers (currently wears size 1 boys/kids shoes)
  6. Cars (Disney movie) lunch bag
  7. Cars (Disney movie) Thermos food jar
Thank you so much for kind and generous gifts from the heart. We wish you all a very warm and cheerful holiday season!


  1. Thanks for posting the wish list, Kim - it's very helpful!

    The only comment I have've already sent me a list of the Dr. Seuss books that little S already has...if you do the same to others and we all get her a book or books, isn't it possible that you could end up with duplicates? What we typically do when we're asked what the kids want/need is tell each person something different - that way we don't get doubles of things which will need to be exchanged or given away...

  2. Geez, never thought about that. Good point. Okay, I think I will make a list of Seuss books that she might like (rather than what she has) and send them to different people. Thanks for the tip!