Friday, July 3, 2009

"I want..."

Little R has been learning how to use "I want" plus the item that he wants. Most parents with typical kids would probably want their kids to stop saying "I want," but for us, it's a milestone that takes consistent and persistent effort. Once he masters this string of words (subject -verb-object), we will start replacing these words. So, we could replace "want" with "have" or "give", etc.

Therapy is going well, but what is very important is for us to implement the things that Little R has learned or is learning during the time Elizabeth is with him. She works with Little R Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM. Little S also helps by providing him with some socialisation and a playmate. He imitates her when she plays, crawls up and down the stairs, walks and sits. It's delightful to see the two enjoying each other's company. Little R always gives Little S his cookies and strawberries. In fact, he will get things for her that she can't reach. Little S is like a little commander with a high pitched baby voice.

Here's a few recent little pictures. So much to do, very little time to get on Internet. Hope everyone is doing well!

Little S has started to use the toilet like her brother, and it's been going very well. She likes doing what her brother does. When I used to put her on the potty on the floor, she would get up and go away, but being on the high toilet prevents her from doing that.

Little S still loves being carried around. She is getting heavier and bigger, so we'll do it for as long as my back can handle it; however, my back has been tingling since November 2008.

"Eat," says Little S. She's pointing at herself at this photo as I'm typing. When I was bringing the things in from the car, Little S found a red bean bun and started eating it. It was quite cute! DH couldn't believe his little girl ate his big bun.

"Daddy!" says Little S right now pointing at his photo. "Walk!" This is her new word. Little S loves taking walks, and she likes walking off, too. She is very cognisant of what she does. This was taken in Guelph while taking a nice walk on Old Quebec St. with our friends Jon, Danielle and Maya.

I made it to the tail end of our annual mom and baby group this year at Cassells Park in Toronto. It was a great playground that Little R took to right away.

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