Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little S and Little R Report for Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meow, meow! It's me, H-Cat. I'm hardly in the house during these beautiful warm days of summer. I like going outside and having fun. I do come in the house here and there to eat and be pet, though.

Little S has been talking up a storm with her "I want ..." and she's been petting us nicer, too. Little R was saying "I want" for about two weeks, then he stopped on Saturday afternoon. It seemed that it was too much for him. The world seems to expect so much from the little guy. So, the expectation is for him now is to ask with one word (the item that he wants) again. Then they're going to build with "want" + the item. I can understand him perfectly with my cat telepathy, but the rest of the world wants him to talk like them. Oh, well.

The front yard and backyard do look a lot more attractive than before. I still get to hide in the hedge in the front, but it's been trimmed a whole lot. The big shrubs in the front are now like huge bonsai trees. They've planted other things in the beds as well as surrounded them with big rocks. The kids seem to like this too. Little R was helping with all this home yard improvement. Little S kept trying to run (or walk very fast) away from everyone. I think she wants to be free like my brother and me.

Little S came downstairs while we were upstairs, and she ate from my bowl! That little girl is getting into everything. I think she liked our food, too. I hope she doesn't try eating our food again because there could be ants in it... that's another reason we stay mostly outdoors these days. I don't know how they got so many ants in the first place, but it looks like they've been here for years and years.

Little R has been hyperactive when going to bed in the last week. His poor mother has to stay with him in his room singing and reminding him to lie down and go to sleep until he does. Tonight was an improvement; he slept around 9:15 PM. At least Little S has been sleeping well, and still getting up at 5:45 AM or so. It's good when she wakes the adults up so that they can open the door for me to come in and eat my breakfast. Little S has been off of breast milk for over 60 hours now, and I clearly notice her withdrawal symptoms. Poor little girl, but she's growing more independent.

Meow. It's almost bedtime for the adults... I'd better bug them for food before they sleep. Meowhow.

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