Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Routine... again!

Little R had his 6 month follow-up visit with the developmental paediatrician last Tuesday, at which time she highly suggested that he go to a nursery school in the afternoons. That Friday of the same week, we visited a nursery school for special needs children (all of the children have communication difficulties).

In the first few minutes, I had it in my mind that I was NOT going to let my child attend because he was utterly upset and was frantically trying to escape the room, about the same size as my living room. Most of the children were crying, one head banging, and the room seemed to be filled with sadness and fear. Thankfully, things calmed down, and Little started to explore a bit.

So, this Monday was Little R's first day at his new nursery school. We were not sure how he would respond. The expectation was that he would cry and refuse to go initially, but I had a feeling that he would surprise. I was right: he did not cry at all! Today he completed his first speech therapy session (but with the same CDA) there, and he did very well. We're quite pleased that there is such a place for children who need the attention and special care. Although Little R hasn't eaten lunch for the third day in a row (his choice), he's been happy and cooperative at his new school.

Little S has been very cooperative too by playing by herself or be in the kitchen with Mommy for a lot of the time in the kitchen. I try to prepare lunch, snacks and supper in the morning (this includes cleaning) so that I can spend the rest of the day with the children. In the kitchen she learns about stirring, washing, turning, boiling, cutting, peeling and other food prepping actions. She talks up a storm these days. Usually the most intelligible words are in the beginning or the end of her "phrases." She is learning Mandarin and French through songs, and English from Dr. Seuss :) Her favourite book is "Hop on Pop."


  1. Yay, Little R!!! We are so happy that the adjustment to nursery school is going well. Trust me: as the weeks go by, he'll flourish there (and eat his lunches!) All children react similarly to new environments like this - Daniel sometimes just "tries" his lunch at daycare, not even eating a full serving.

  2. Cool! Unfortunately, we're just half days... so lunch will still probably be refused. And starting in January, he'll be there Monday to Friday from 12:30PM.