Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Nursery School Day Since Meeting with Speech-Language Pathologist

It was a beautifully mild day today. DH had to leave for work early, so I had to bring Little S along to drop off Little R at nursery school.

It was a nice walk to the YMCA, and getting Little R ready to go into the classroom was a breeze since I didn't have to bend down (while wearing the baby with a sling) to change his boots to his shoes. However, Little R thought that I was staying so Angela, his teacher, had to do a little prying him away from me. He was okay, though. There was no crying. He even kissed his sister bye-bye.

The walk home was very soothing. I had not heard the symphony of birds in our neighbour until now. Every chirp, squawk and whistle had its place in the band of birds. How lovely it was.

Again going to pick up Little R was very nice. The birds were signalling the beginning of Spring.

I was one of the last parents to pick up her child. When I peaked into the classroom, Little R saw me and ran out to the hallway. His teacher Karen ran after him, but was relieved to see that he was safe and sound with me. She turned and bent down to his level: "Little R, you have to wait until we call you." I hoped that this would be the only time Little R escapes from the classroom. Usually the gate is locked, but when people open it from the outside there is a short window of time for a child to take off.

After dressing Little R, I asked him where his bag was. Usually no one touches his bag because he does not need his pull up changed. Angela came out to talk to me. She said that Little R had taken a visiting mom by the hand and led her to the washroom. He had to use the toilet. Angela realised this and put him on the mini throne. Unfortunately, he peed all over his pull up and his socks because his penis wasn't pointed into the toilet bowl. Well, Angela said that she now knew for the future to point his penis downward.

During his toilet incident, Angela was able to get Little R to say three words: "socks", "on" and "pants". And he also said "hi" inside the classroom when greeted. This is pretty good seeing that he had not spoken a single word until last Tuesday since beginning nursery school in January. I know it might not seem like a lot for most three year olds, but he's unique, and we're very happy about his progress no matter how little it seems.

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