Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The First Perfect "One"

The days of March have quickly passed right through the gaps of our fingers just like granules of sand. Much has happened in this month: a visit from the developmental specialist, an appointment date with a developmental paediatrician, an appointment with the audiologist, a visit from my friend TM for some speech and language help, a visit from Infant Development Services, the debut of this blog, the start of Little R's language redevelopment, a visit from a speech-language pathologist at Little R's school and our first parent-teacher interview. What a full month.

Here's the latest on Little R's progress. Little R now knows to say something before he gets what he wants. He says and demonstrates that he knows the following words: "gookie" (cookie or biscuit), "fafaun" (rice in his baby Chinese), "goo" ("juice"), "up", "popoe" (pick me up in his baby Chinese), "nienies" (milk in his baby Chinese), "naughk" (milk), "guyguys" (go out somewhere in Chinese), "hot", "natnat" (hot in Baby Chinese), "bubbles", "ball", "boon (balloon)", "igs" (eggs), "dadan" (eggs in baby Chinese) and "Dada". These are words that he used in the past without much effort, but we're glad that he's reconnected with them.

This evening after supper, DH was giving cookies to the kids for dessert, and Little R knew right away, and he didn't need us to model the word, to say "cookie". So, DH decided to switch it up a bit to add some more vocabulary: "biscuit". Too difficult. The final product sounded something like "mins" which I said that we should accept because it did have the bilabial position as well as the "i" and "s" sounds. Then DH decided to have Little R say "one." Now, Little had never said "one"... at least not that I recall. He used to say "uno", but the also dropped out of his lexicon. Anyway, Little R responded with: "two" :) and "please". However, DH kept modelling "one" -- and to our utmost surprise and delight Little R called out "ONE" perfectly! We cheered and clapped as Little R shoved the cookie (his reward) into his mouth as Little S watched the celebration from her highchair. It was a great "one"!

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