Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little S is walking!

Our little girl is growing up. When Sister D started coming over to help with taking care of the kids two weeks ago, she said that she was going to make Little S walk by the time she was done.

Well, when we came back from the paediatrician's with Little R, Sister D showed us just that! DH quickly grabbed the video camera (luckily there was still 3 minutes left) to record her first real walking day. I walked in to the brightly lit kitchen to find everyone excited. Little S, with my open cel phone in hand, wiggled and she took stumbly baby steps toward me. Then she kept doing it in the living room, in the hallway, in her room, in my room, in Little R's room... and she kept talking on the cel phone (she loves pretend chat). Well, looks like this is the beginning of a whole new level of exploration for the curious kid. And alas, perhaps more toddler proofing ;)

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