Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phone hog

Little S is a phone hog... some of you may have already experienced this. Maybe you've called and some little innocent high pitched voiced answered, "hawo?" That's Little S for you. She pretends the remote, a magnet, a block, anything is a phone. But what she loves most is the real phone. Apparently she's even called out with my cel phone. I hope I still have minutes to make emergency calls.

The little baby is growing up just as she should be. It's great to have her take some focus off of the not-so-great issues we have to deal with. She walks around a lot faster and with a lot more confidence. Often she will show up somewhere without you knowing because she would be so quiet and quick.

She is still using her pre-talk babble to communicate. She is practicing, and day by day I can start making out phrases like "how are you?", "what's that?" "what's going on" (in Chinese), "Huxley cat". She can listen to my questions and answer them. And, yesterday I asked her something that I had never asked before. She just looked at me for about 3 seconds and attempted a reply. I think I was asking her where her hand was. It's simply amazing how a child acquires language and communication! This time is absolutely priceless, and I'm so very glad that I won't be sending her to daycare. I'm just hoping she won't be a telephone chatterbox when she's older.

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