Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Official Diagnosis for Little R

Finally, we have on paper that Little R is in the ASD spectrum. This is a relief, at the same time also overwhelming. There was a lot of paper work done at the developmental paediatrician's office, and we'll be expecting to meet other social workers and therapists.

After a long discussion, answering the doctor's questions, she (the developmental paediatrician) said that she thought it was best to give him the diagnosis of autism today. She asked if we were okay with the diagnosis, and we did not disapprove it.

It's very disheartening to hear that while there are services available at no cost to families, that there are very long wait lists (three years). On one brochure from Autism Ontario, it states that on average a family with an autistic child will spend an additional $30,000 a year! Some people don't even get $30,000 a year as their income. Not only do we have to deal with the emotions of the disorder, we also have to deal with the financial strain.

We asked about biomedical treatments for autism. She said that they were not recommended and they were not proven to work. However, we have read so very many testimonies from parents who have "cured" or greatly improved the prognosis of their child through biomedical treatment. So, what do we believe? What is the best thing to do? Frankly, my faith in the government and the OHIP covered doctors is not very strong. I don't think that they intentionally want to bring harm to their citizens/patients, but I think that they are greatly influenced by wealthy pharmaceutical companies. (Okay, I won't get into politics.)

I am near exhaustion, a common state these days, and I need to go to bed. We're going to take things step by step.

Thank you for your moral support through this process. I do appreciate your emails and phone calls.

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